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We love our clients!

Roger and Chris with Alfie

Roger and Chris with Alfie

Through interior design we have been blessed with the most wonderful and welcoming families, who have trusted our guidance and direction through many, many projects. For this we are grateful.

Choosing to renovate, redecorate or remodel a home is a big commitment, which is why we make a strong effort to provide our clients with an upfront budget and a reliable timeline.

We have worked on several projects across the country where forethought has made the difference between a good interior and a great interior. Our clients know they can look to us to meet any logistical challenge or tiny detail from shipping fine art to having the piano tuned upon installation. Our design approach is truly turn-key.

Our design aesthetic has been described as quiet elegance, and we strive to design interiors that provide both formal and relaxed spaces for large gatherings as well as intimate moments. Our interiors are as secure and as confident as the families who live in them – interiors that are both comfortable and at ease.

Please enjoy our portfolio.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at contact@rogerchristopher.com, via our contact page, or you may call our office at 301-980-7554.

We look forward to working with you.

Roger A. Schrenk & J. Chris Fultz